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We will provide 25-50 (based on attendance) of quality, fully authenticated, autographed sports memorabilia on a 100% consignment basis. This means there is No Cost to you.


We will Donate One Item to the event and all of the proceeds for that item goes directly to the Charity/Organization.


We provide an employee to bring the items out, set up, supply bid sheets, and work with your event to generate interest in all of the auction items, including any items you may already have. Again, at No Cost to you.


Prior to the event, you are sent a list of items with our cost and the opening bid (20-25% above cost). ALL proceeds above and beyond our cost goes directly to the Charity/Organization.


Example:  If an item has a cost of $200 with a minimum bid of $250, and that item receives the minimum bid, the charity/organization receives $50. If that same item receives a bid of $500, then the charity/organization receives $300!!


Typically, our opening bids are half of the retail value, so there is plenty of room for bidding to raise more funds for your charity!


At the end of the event, we round up all of the bid sheets, determine the winners, take payment and distribute all of the auction items to the winners. Once we have collected all of the payments, we will assess the total amount that goes to the charity/organization. Within one week, you will receive a check from H&H Sports for the total amount raised for your event.